The Coaching ProcessThe career coaching process is often two fold. First it is a coaching partnership that focuses on the client’s whole life. I work with clients to help them gain understanding, clarity and a plan to achieve their career goals in a way that moves the client forward in professional fulfillment and success.

This career transition is done through use of assessments and related coaching that brings clarity to the client’s skills, strengths, values, and passions. Once revealed we move forward to develop strategies and tools to execute a focused job search and career management plan.

While coaching is used a majority of the time, as we navigate through the career management path there will be times when consulting, advising, instruction and education are implemented to inform clients of opportunities, processes, tools and resources that can be vital in a successful job search.

Coaching and consulting will be used during the journey to provide clients with everything they need to garner an effective job search. Each individual session within each package has been developed to manage a specific portion of the job search process so that it is neither overwhelming nor confusing. Preparation forms and materials will be sent out and returned completed before each session to ensure the coaching sessions will be productive.

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