Where Are Your Thoughts Leading You?

I am changing my thoughts and words for good! From now on when talking with clients, friends, myself (yes it’s true…on occasion) or my family I am going to refer to our current economic climate as a “Time of Opportunity”, not the harsh, crumbling, or failing economy which is how I usually refer to it.


What I am referring to is the words I use and my thoughts on the economy. It is a time of change and opportunity.  Good or bad, things are changing and how we respond to the changes will affect the opportunities that will become available to us. Our response starts in thoughts, form into words and eventually take flight as actions. I want my actions to be positive, forward, helpful and productive. I don’t think they can be if I think and talk about only loss and the past instead of opportunity and the future.


I truly believe Proverb 23.7, “For as he thinks in his heart so is he” and so I will think right thoughts in my heart to change my future! You can do the same – focus on the good things that happen in your day and believe that more are coming.


I know some very negative people that seem to take pleasure in reciting how bad things are personally, in Michigan (where I live), U.S. and the world. I probably can’t change their thoughts but I can make sure to reduce the amount of time I spend listening to them and find others that think the way I want to think.


Jack Canfield, says when two people are thinking like thoughts, their thoughts are squared so it is as if four people are thinking the same thoughts (5 people = 25 peoples thoughts, 10 people =100 peoples thoughts). He also believes that things happening today are from thoughts established and believed 8, 10, 12 months earlier. Don’t listen to doubt, listen to dreams, Jack is proof that positive thinking works.


So, start today as I am, and make this time of change - a time of opportunity, with right thoughts in our minds and hearts so similar actions follow.


Shine On!



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