What New Graduates Need For Success

The number of available internships and entry level jobs are down just as all jobs in general are down but that doesn’t mean there are not jobs waiting for the new graduates. It just means it is a little tougher to find work – so how do you get ahead…get moving!! We’ve all heard the saying, “Anything worth having is worth working for”; well it is definitely true with finding  the right job.

You have got your degree now what are you going to do with it? Like all job seekers, you have got to get your ducks in a row. Make sure you know the direction you want to go in terms of position and even industry. Just because you are new to the business world it doesn’t mean you don’t need a plan. Without a plan you’ve got no direction and you’ll wander, get discouraged and quit looking or settle for something you really didn’t want.

 Make sure you develop a killer set of career documents. A powerful resume showcases the classes, projects, internships, affiliations and outside work experience you’ve hopefully accomplished during your time in school. Gather positive recommendation letters from employers, teachers, volunteer leaders or others you’ve interacted with during your college life. Finally, make sure you have a reference sheet, targeted cover letter, transcripts, examples of work or projects and anything else relevant to your new career.

 Once armed with direction and documents you need to take action! Don’t think posting to Monster.com, CareerBuilder.com and NewGraduateJobs.com is all you’ve got to do to find a really great, high paying job. You’ll need to set in place job search plan as well. Still search the job boards but find ways to get closer to the actual hiring managers.

  • Do your research; Google the company, read the career section on the company website and find ways to meet people within the organization that can get your resume to the decision makers!
  • If you are not on http://www.linkedin.com/ you should be. You need to look at this job search as if it is an all out battle or assault for the jobs. Many companies aren’t using the big boards so you’ll have to be find ways to be seen by them and get creative in finding them. 
  • Get involved in associations, volunteer programs, community and church activities, forums, and networking groups in your area. Think about starting a network for new graduates to help each other.

The more aggressive you are and more motivated, confident and valuable you appear. Appearance and fit at this stage of your career is the name of the game. If you decide to “take the summer off because the market is so slow anyway”, like I am hearing daily from new graduates in my area, you’ll look lazy (for lack of nicer word) to hiring managers that realize you are just starting your search after 3 or 4 months of being out of school. 

When you are a new graduate your motivation, energy, and positive attitude are crucial to employers looking for entry level employees. Put your motivation and energy into action for faster results and a more proactive reputation.

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