Wake Up Call for Sleeping Job Seekers

Just came from Twitter, doing a quick check in before I start work on a new healthcare resume. It is a good way to de-stress the mind and …clear the pallet before starting on a new project, plus it’s fun.

 I read a quote a follower of mine had put up as a tweet, it read, “The gent who wakes up and finds himself a success hasn’t been asleep” – Wilson Mizner. This quote really hit home after coaching a client this morning on job search strategies. The strategies are easy it is the searching that takes motivation and commitment.

Those who I hear saying, it isn’t fair my niece/friend/coworker/etc got a job doing what I am looking for and I’ve been looking longer – I deserve the job. My thought and (sometimes) answer is – No You Don’t! You’ve been sleeping while others have been working hard to make contacts, get noticed, and find hidden and not-so-hidden jobs.

Or, maybe they are settling for something that isn’t a perfect fit or not at the salary they had hoped for but it is a good job and it is a job. In today’s economy, sometimes people can’t hold out for the ideal job. I still tell my clients to search for what they really want, not for what they can get. But, I have seen the repeated struggles of job seekers looking for work and I completely understand the urgency of finding a good job even if it isn’t the idea job, at least for now.

 So – this might sound like a kick in the pants but…if you don’t want to keep complaining about what others have – quit sleeping and try walking a mile in their job search shoes. You might learn a few things and even find a job!

 Written with love ♥♥

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