Understanding the LinkedIn - Job Search Connection

I often work with executives who have been hand-picked for their last few jobs or have moved up their company’s ladder and haven’t needed a resume, disciplined job search, or a LinkedIn profile to progress in their career. When we come together for coaching in career transition, job search, or interview preparation, most clients do not understand the impact LinkedIn has on their search or the significance it will play. They usually have a profile but it is simple and ineffective with only a small network.

It is important for those in transition or seeking to find a new job to understand that their LinkedIn profile will be reviewed as part of the vetting process. Whether you target a company to go after, are referred or recruited, or you apply online; once your name is received, your LinkedIn profile will be reviewed. I’ve spoken with many of my clients that regularly hire new employees and nearly all say they conduct a LinkedIn search on any candidates they are interested in, along with other social media platforms.

This is consistent to what I have found to be true of LinkedIn for the last several years. So, when introducing my clients to the relevance of LinkedIn, it can be challenging until they start using it. Once they jump in and work to understand its’ value, most clients find it to be a critical tool in their job search success.

More than 80% of employees are found through networking, referrals, recruiters, and targeted searches. LinkedIn is ideal for finding leads to those jobs!

LinkedIn Keys to Remember as you progress in your job search:

  • Align your LinkedIn profile with your current career goals and resume.
  • Use the tools LinkedIn offers to maximize your reach, so you are being found by employers with positions of interest.
  • Take advantage to connecting with hundreds or thousands of professionals in your field, location, industry, and company; grow your network and connections so you can be found more easily.
  • Interact with your connections by responding to articles and posts within groups and the feed, build on your status as knowledgeable, an expert, and one of influence in your professional arena.
  • Use LinkedIn to research companies, industries, positions, and locations you are interested in; it is a 500M member and 13M company resource.


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