Swans in My Pond

Every spring the ice on the pond starts to get shiny, thinner and eventually breaks open to reveal the cold clear water below. When the pond unthaws the waterfowl in the area come to nest for the spring. We usually get the normal varieties of ducks and a few sets of geese.

Over the weekend we were greeted by the very loud honking of 2 swans. I've seen them in the area but never on our ponds before. If you've never seen swans close up ---they are huge.

The ducks in the pond look like rubber duckies in a tub next to these things.

They are beautiful to watch as they paddle softly and glide like skaters across the pond. The family all weekend keeps asking, "What are swans doing on our pond?" For some reason they've decided to take charge of our pond. It is a beautiful pond but can't hold more than 1 or 2 sets of swans, I would imagine.

Although beautiful, the swans have charged at my dog and kids while we tried to get a closer look. My poor golden retriever hasn't gone back down to the pond since he was chased away.

This year Michigan had a really cold winter and many ponds and lakes stayed frozen all winter. When that happens the fish can suffocate and die, which I know has happened in the area this year. 

Job seekers should look to these swans as example in job searching and motivation.

When their comfortable home and life was interrupted they picked up and found something new. Even though it was new land, unfamiliar predators in the area, and uncertainty of food, they moved forward anyway.

They are becoming familiar with the pond and land, and Making Their Presence Known!

Making your presence known is the most important thing you can do as a job seeker. How? By networking, meeting new contacts, getting in touch with old ones, research industries, targeting companies, working with recruiters, and developing strategies that will get you noticed.

PS. In your job search today - BE A SWAN!!!

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