Resumes: Keep Them Focused and Specific

Having the opportunity to change careers, move forward where you are, or stay in the same position but maybe a different industry, is cause for a new resume to be made. Many times the unknown future makes job seekers want to create one resume to meet all positions. While it may make it easier for you it will also likely dilute the resume.

Resumes, when most effective, are positioned to focus on one particular position. It may fit several different companies, but the industry, division, position are very similar. This makes the skill set, achievements, and experiences all relate to specific requirements for the job. When you use one resume to apply to several different jobs, you must make sure the resume still reflects specific needs for each job. Often this can’t be done while still maintaining a focused objective.

Take the time and possibly extra money and create two or three resumes, one specific to each position. Making each resume specific will draw more attention, be more concise and get you noticed faster.

Shine On!

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