Resume Dont's: 5 Resume Mistakes to Avoid

In order to stand out as you progress through your career and up the corporate ladder; your resume needs to keep pace with your career. Whether seeking a new position inside your current company or looking externally, your resume will be a first glimpse first impression to many. You want to put your best foot forward and avoid these costly mistakes.

  1. Don’t Use an Outdated Format – Many professionals keep the same format they had since leaving college or beginning their career, and it shows. Keep yours up-to-date in your work experience, the format, and including key content expected by targeted employers. Use both paragraphs and bulleted areas to showcase achievements that grab attention and eliminate the need to ferret through your work history to identify your key accomplishments. Keep it readable by using easy-to-read font with enough white space.
  1. Don’t Assume One Resume Fits All Positions – Most people write or have their resume written and then never change a word. Remember that your resume is an ever changing document, not a static block of words. So customize your resume as needed. If a particular company wants to see a secondary skill as a primary skill, move things around so that you fit exactly what they are looking for. Make your resume work for you every time.
  1. Don’t Include Non-Specific Language – If you really want your resume to stand out include plenty of quantifiable and specific language. For instance, instead of saying “improved sales,” try being more detailed like, “increased sales by 25% within 6 months.” A vague statement or achievement might not be understood as being valuable.
  1. Don’t Forget the Strong Action Verbs – Action words convey strength and power. Instead of using passive verbs such “responsible for” or “was lead manager” turn the statement into a strong action phrase such as “lead managerial team to improved performance.” Use action verbs to start achievement and accomplishment statements/bullets. This might be your first chance to grab their attention and WoW them, don’t let it be your last.
  1. Don’t Make it Difficult for Someone to Contact You – Keep your resume current by using your cell phone number and getting rid of the fax number. It’s also best not to use an office number or an email address for your present company. Many employers won’t email candidates that use work emails. Instead include a current LinkedIn profile, it can be a great way to provide additional information you didn’t include on the resume.

As a professional, you want to give yourself every opportunity to impress your interviewer and increase your chances at getting the job. Avoiding these 5 executive resume mistakes will help you to do just that.

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