Pull Yourself Away From Yourself

I received some help today from a colleague today regarding a couple blog and twitter. During our conversation I was able to reciprocate and share a little wisdom of my own. Both of us gained valuable information and were able to help someone else. Usually I think the latter is more important.

In your job search – while things seem pretty tough and even feel out of control, it is helpful yourself to pull yourself away from yourself for a while.

Focusing on other peoples problems such as those looking for work or in some kind of need, is good for your soul.

It let’s you feel good about yourself by helping someone else and it takes away your problems, even if just temporarily. God says, help others and I’ll help you, cast your cares; sometimes easier said than done. Letting go of the problems doesn’t make them go away – it just gives you a little break from them, and that is a good thing!

How can you as a job seeker easily help others? If you hear of a job that might not fit you – pass it along to someone else. If you find a great site online that offers job seekers awesome resources, ideas, and hope – share it! I’ve heard Joyce Meyer say many times that we are meant to be channels not reservoirs. Share and pass along your knowledge, time and support with others looking for work and I promise someone will help you too.

Shine On Job Seekers!

P.S. See how many job seekers you can help today!

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