New Graduate: Job Search Secrets

Soon-to-be new graduates are once again revving up their job searches by now, either looking for internships or entry level jobs in the “real” world. It is hard for all job seekers right now but new graduates especially may find the process overwhelming. So, I’ve included a few great secrets that job seekers learn after several trips through the job search process from which new graduates could really benefit.


Secret #1 - Just like when trying to start up an exercise routine or any new skill – it takes time and accountability. Find someone also looking for work and help each other through the good, bad, and ugly that you’ll undoubtedly see during your search. Two job seekers equal, two sets of ears and eyes, and twice the amount of research, networking, contact development and basic ground covered.


Jobs won’t come looking for you – you need to be aggressive and motivated in your career search. Secret #2… jobs are found through contacts, not job boards. Network-Network-Network! Get involved in groups, social networks – live and via the internet, volunteer programs, and associations in your area and in your industry. Get the word out, make contacts and get in through the back door to avoid the gate keepers!


The final secret, Secret #3 revealed today is to be nice. It sounds simple but easily overlooked, especially by new graduates that are full of ideas of what they should act like – remember to be grateful. Make friends with the competition and try and help others. Aggressive is fine, but people will respond to the humble or grateful much quicker than to those that are pushy and rude.


Send thank you notes to those helping you, make a name for yourself as someone others would want to work with and for, and would want to refer to others. It will stay with you and help you throughout your entire career.


Shine On New Job Seekers!

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