Job Search: Your Only Sane Choice

The younger kids think they invented abbreviations with Facebook and texting but they don’t realize we had acronyms long before they were around. A few of my favorites are P of A, PPP and the name of Monday’s blog, PMA. My kids know these because I often use them in our home.  A few definitions...

PPP = Proper Prior Planning

P of A = Plan of Action

PMA = Positive Mental Attitude

All are quick and get to the point. All are needed for an effective job search.

First of course is the PPP, a must have to decide what your career focus will be, gather facts, and prepare your resume and all other documents needed for your search. The more organized and prepared you are the more efficient you search will be and the more effective.

Next you need to develop a P of A. This can be as structured as you like, usually though, the more structured it is, the more effective. Decide when you are going to work on your job search, how many hours a day. Pick a place to work like a bedroom or basement as an office area, someplace quiet where you can work online and talk on the phone.

Keep organized so you know who you’ve contacted and who you need to follow up with. Make your follow up a priority, most job seekers do not do this and miss out on many opportunities. Would you buy a lottery ticket and not check the numbers? I

The most critical thing to have during your job search is having a Positive Mental Attitude; you’ve got to keep your confidence level up - even if you have to fake it. Whether you feel like it or not decide to keep a positive outlook. You can do it – I have. It doesn’t mean you get to avoid or deny your situation, it just means to keep looking for the good things coming out of a not so good situation.

After just a few minutes of talking with someone on the phone I can hear success or failure in a potential client’s voice. If I can hear it in 5 minutes, so can a hiring manager or potential contact.

Without a strong attitude your search will be half hazard, no commitment will be heard in your voice, no curiosity found to take a lead one step further to see if there is something waiting. I understand it is hard to take rejection repeatedly…but what is your alternative? Remaining unemployed? Feel like you’ve failed? Maintaining a low esteem, no confidence, depression ugghhh do I need to go on?

The only sane choice is to keep going by staying positive and motivated

There are lots of people here willing to help you, lots of people praying for you, lots of sites and blogs to read and learn from, lots of networking opportunities to attend or make happen, and lots of contacts waiting to meet you – don’t give up!

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