Job Search Tip: Know Your Value

When you go into an interview – do you know what you are worth? Even in these tougher economic times you still need to be prepared when you go into an interview by knowing what you are worth to the potential employer. Most job seekers (me included) are uncomfortable with the possibility of a confrontation but also the possibility of having an employer revoke an offer because of negotiations.

Here’s the thing; employers expect negotiations during salary talks.

They usually have a “range” to work with. It is your job to get into the upper end of their range by letting them know your worth. Ways you can prepare for the salary negotiations:

Hold off negotiations until the end of the interview if at all possible this lets you strut your stuff and really show the value you will bring and potential revenue increases or cost decreases the company will incur by hiring you.

Don’t forget to do your homework. Preparation is crucial for gaining the optimal offer. Know what you absolutely must have to live the lifestyle you want to live. Research the company as well as the industry to see what similar positions are earning. Have a range ready in your head and in your notes when you walk in the interview.

Negotiate! Unless it is an absolutely perfect offer go for a little negotiation even if it only increases annual earnings by $3,000 or $5,000. That is a vacation, a year of car payments or new appliances. So go for it!

During negotiations be respectful and genuine during the talks. Ask questions, sell your value and make them feel like they are getting a great deal by having you join their company at that price. Many times they are nervous too, take the comforting role and make them feel like they are doing the right thing as you negotiate to a higher and higher salary.

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