Job Search Tip: Help Someone Else in Their Job Search This Week

If you’ve been working daily really hard on your career search and you are feeling a bit burned out, take a few days or week and don’t search at all. Instead of another week of contacts, researching companies and career opportunities, attending networking events, following up on resume submissions and interviews, take a break and do nothing for yourself. This week, focus on other job seekers and how you can help them.

This week or at least for a couple of days, put your job search plans on hold and do for others. Find someone who is also searching for a new job and find out about their needs. What they are looking for, where, and in what industry? Learn also about their talents, expertise and experience. Ask them questions and ask for a copy of their resume so you can get a real feel for their potential. Then, get creative!

Go through your contact list to see if you have anyone on your list that might be able to help your new target. Don’t forget to checkout your contacts on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and anywhere else you network. Try going a step further and put a shout out on your networking sites for them. Go to your networking events this week on their behalf.

What could helping someone else possibly do to help you in your job search? Well, it gives you a break from the stress, commitment, and often rejection that comes with a job search. It takes your mind off you! A job search is very self-purposed and so you end up thinking about yourself all the time. Helping someone else for a few days or week forces you to focus on the needs of others and good comes from helping others!

While you are out there searching for others, getting curious and bold for the other person, you too are meeting contacts, displaying your character, learning new ways to find opportunity and reenergizing for your own search commitment. Give it a try!

Shine On~

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