Job Search Tip: Be Sure it is the Right Company For You

Company research during a job search is vital with the fierce competition for available jobs. Not only do you need to know how to do the job and “fit in” with the environment, you must have a good understanding of the company you are hoping to interview with.


Is this important? You bet! Interviewers will bring up current projects, recent acquisitions or leadership changes and discuss information during an interview you should be aware of. If you are not, they will know, and your chances of getting asked back will be pretty slim.


Three ways to investigate the company of interest to you?


Company Website, Company Blog and other Social Network Avenues – are a must read! Learn everything they have to offer on the site, the history, mission statement, board member, leadership teams, new products, current community involvement, and anything else offered as information on the site. Check out the pictures and words they use as well. This information will give you clues into their culture and vibe, and direction they are headed.


Many companies now have blogs, forums, and newsletters they run as a means of staying connected with customers and hopefully a way to gain new customers. Read these, see what they have to say. What are the important areas they cover? What are there views on industry issues? Get a feel for their position in the industry.


Industry Associations, Magazines, Newsletters, Networking Groups, and Blogs – The Company’s information is valuable, but much more useful when compared with industry standards. Find out what others are saying in the industry about the direction, feel and concerns currently felt by the industry as a whole. Does you company’s views match those of others in the industry? Are they leaders or followers?


BBB, Chamber, and other local information – Many companies work hard to give back to their community. It is important to be aware of their charitable and community work for interview questions but more important to see if their values match yours. If this is an important issue for you, check local sources to see what their involvement is and where they give their time and money. Does it match your values? Is this the type of company you want to work for?


Getting to know the companies you would like to work for is tremendously helpful in the interview process and it lets you get a better feel for the company; its’ direction, values, and culture. At the end of the search you’ll know if this is a company you’d want to work for or not. It may take a little digging but will save you the hassle of having to leave in 6 months when you realize it isn’t the company for you.

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