Job Search Effort = Job Search Results

I received another call from a potential client that is looking to update her resume. More importantly, she is looking for advice on her future and easy ways to make it happen. I can’t stress this enough, the more effort you put into your job search, the faster you’ll find the results you are looking for.

The woman thought that developing a resume was really all that was involved. I believe she said, “I’ll just give it to a couple of recruiters and let them do all the work”. Those days are long gone! Remember, recruiters get paid by the employer not the job seeker. Coincidently, I received a Outplacement Report not long after getting off the phone with her from the AIRS News that said Korn/Ferry International, the Executive search firm, will be laying off 400 recruiters (15% of Global workforce)in the near future due to less client activity.

What this means is there will be fewer recruiters and more job seekers and still they work for the employers. My point being, recruiters will not be doing your search for you. If you want to find the right job – faster, you need to do the search and do it well. Posting to a few job boards won’t probably lead to success either. Not to say that recruiters and job boards aren’t helpful, they just shouldn’t be your only avenues.

An aggressive and results-driven job search involves you the job seeker working daily to find new companies, new contacts, new opportunities and new available positions. Be creative, be curious, and stay motivated to find the job that is right for you. The more you put in to your job search the more you will get out of it and the faster you can leave the situation you are in.

Shine On and Happy New Year!!!

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