Interview Tips to Make Your Next Interview Your Last

If you are one of the lucky few that have been offered an interview lately, you have already done a few things right. To continue moving in the right direction you will need to demonstrate during the interview, your value to their company. Below you’ll find tips on how to prepare for your next interview so it will be your last.

Do your homework and prepare if you want to stand out  at your next interview.

Research the company before the interview. Start by Googling the company, the industry and their competitors to learn the current trends, issues, and activities. Study their website, their culture, mission, financials of the company and anything else that will help you get to know the company better.

Find out what’s new. Are they working on a new project, expanding operations, or launching new products?  The old saying ‘knowledge is power’ definitely fits here and your knowledge of their company will help the employer see your value and how serious you are about working for them.

Another crucial step in preparation is to practice responding to typical and not so typical questions you will be asked. Even something as simple as, “When can you start?” can be a problem if you are currently working and haven’t thought through how long you will need to get out of your current position. Try writing down your responses and then practice saying them out loud. You’ll sound more comfortable and appear more confident if you do

Make sure your communication style is inviting and effective during the interview.

It is important to know how others see you and how effective your communication style is. Practicing a mock interview with an honest co-worker or friend will help to sort out any non-verbal glitches or twitches you may not be aware of. Change what needs to be changed to appear more engaging. Opinions are formed using 93% non-verbal language and only 7% actual verbal language, how you say it is much more important than what you say

Listen well to the hiring manager and understand what he is asking; if you are not sure…ask. Be enthusiastic and show your interest. Employers want to hire someone who wants the job, shows passion and interest for the industry and field, and truly wants to work for their company. Show them that person is yo

 Leave a lasting impression.

Make sure you say thank you to everyone in the room, smile, and shake hands at the end of the interview. Ask the hiring manager what the next step will be and when you can expect to hear from them. Hold them to it and  contact them after a week with a phone call or email to follow up and find out what the status is on the job and your interview. If you didn’t get the job, find out why, politely. It will help you in the future!

Finally, don’t forget to send a thank you note within the first 24 hours. Did you know 70% of hiring managers expect to receive them while only 35% do? It can be written or typed but be sure you send it soon after the interview to keep fresh in their hiring minds. Make your next interview your last by applying what you’ve learned here and preparing to wow your next interviewers!

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