I Want to Make a Career Change… But to What?

There seems to be endless possibilities for those having to make a career change. When this opportunity becomes available some know exactly what they will do and where they will do it while others become overwhelmed by the endless possibilities and don’t know where to begin.

Three ways to help narrow down those seemingly endless possibilities:

  • Find out what you are interested in. If there are 2 or 3 industries that have always been of interest to you, check them out. Find out the main players in the industries and start doing research on the companies and industries to see if there is an environment that will fit your talents. You will love your job, be fulfilled, and be more productive if you find what it is you love doing.

Research industry associations, and related groups on LinkedIn, Facebook, Yahoo Groups and Google Groups to learn, get involved and begin to make new contact in the fields. These contacts can shed the truth on what the actual jobs will entail and may be a great source of opportunity.

  • Take an assessment to find where your natural strengths, likes, and interests lie. Are you a people person and need to be in a team environment or prefer to work alone? Are you good with people or numbers? Do you like large companies or small? Left brain or right?

There are several types of assessments including DISC, Myers-Briggs, 360, and many others that focus on you behavioral preferences, skills, values and who you are inside. Maybe try a few of these assessments to really delve into your core wants and needs.

  • Learn what is available in your geographic area. If you don’t know the current hot and hiring industries in your area of the country then you need to find out. Read local business magazines and newspapers or begin to pay more attention to your local news. For great source for statistics on your area and to find out more about industries, fields, and positions you are interested in, I recommend you spend some time at http://www.bls.gov/oco/.

Although there are more ways to find out where you’ll fit best for a career change, these 3 tips will get you started learning about yourself, your preferences, the area around you and companies to look into. With just these 3 tips you will be able to weed out the areas that don’t fit and begin to see a pattern of what type of jobs, environments, and industries are of interest to you.

Let your curiosity explode as you search for a new fit. The more open minded you are to your potential, the more opportunities you will find. Enjoy the challenge and change!

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