Holiday Job Search Strategies: Step on the Gas or the Brakes

With the holiday season are almost here, a common question keeps coming up with my clients; “should I take a brake from my job search since it is so close to the holidays and end of the year?” My answer is always, “No – just the opposite, now is when you need to step on the gas!” Since so many job seekers are getting busy with the holidays coming, decorating, making travel plans, visiting, attending or have parties and lots and lots of shopping; now is when you should take advantage of the season and press on in your job search.

A few reasons why you should kick up your search a notch include as mentioned, the crowds will be less, and will get noticed faster. There will be less resumes to filter through, less interviews to conduct, and less choices, making for happier employers going through the hiring process.

Also, some companies add new employees or even new positions at the end of the year when they still have money in the budget. Especially with times so tight right now, if they squeeze in new employees now, they won’t have to add those expenses to next year’s budget and will help them look very efficient and thrifty.

Finally, if the first of the year is a cut-off or start-up date for a hiring process, it is important to be the face, name, or resume they see when looking for new hires. Those in the middle usually fall through the cracks and must work harder to stay noticed. You’ll stand out much more at the front or end of the line.

So, keep pounding the pavement and the keyboard this Christmas season and use the Spirit of the Season to win a new job!

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