Get Hired Quicker with 50 Timeless Tips

I read a little book a few years ago that is still really a helpful source of information for job seekers and worth mentioning today. When I say little, I mean little. It has a just over 100 pages and is only about 4.5” x 8.5” in size. Written by Max Messmer, Chairman and CEO of Robert Half International, Inc., the book, 50 Ways to Get Hired is a list of 50 ways, steps, and tips to get hired. The book is broken up into four areas that lead you through your job search. 

It begins with the Essentials and the tips include preparation steps such as getting your finances in order, being ready to be flexible and creative, and getting your family involved for support. Having a strong support system will help to reduce the stress that is often involved with finding a new job.

Next the book offers several ways of Marketing Yourself to get notice. Reminding readers of the importance of becoming intimately aware of the transferable skills and unique qualities they have to offer and what areas of their appearance, professional or body language that might need a little work? It also emphasizes the crucial importance of having a well written resume to trumpet your skills, qualifications and value to potential employers.

Part III is Getting Into the Hunt and actively beginning your job search. The tips here are invaluable and although written almost 15 years ago; the strategies of networking, taking control of your job search by being aggressive and active instead of passive, making yourself known, getting connected to the right people, and selling your “fit” are still considered solid advice today.

Finally the last 15 tips discuss Interviewing and Beyond with the most important advice of being prepared. Know the companies you are interviewing with, prepare answers for expected and unexpected questions, and practice, practice and more practice. During the interview be an active participant, ask questions, and listen very intently so you answer the questions correctly. Make sure your body language reflects your confidence, thank and shake the interviewers hand when the interview is finished, and make sure to send a thank you note later that day.

With 50 in-depth tips, thoughts, ideas and explanations this is a very valuable little book worth finding and keeping for future checks on your job search skills, techniques and actions.

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