Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow

Remember that song? Man I loved Fleetwood Mac and that song was like an anthem as I was graduating from high school back in the early 80’s and getting ready to embrace the real world…whatever that meant.

Fast forward a few years (OK, maybe a few decades) and I realize I am sharing this same message regularly with my clients. It is so important to stay forward-thinking and enjoy today but work for tomorrow. What do you need to do today to make sure you succeed in the future - even if right now you are doing fine?

Job seekers need to stay on the edge of their industry if they want to get and stay noticed when looking for a job. Join associations, committees, forums, networking groups and more to continue learning and growing in your field.

Some of the great catch phrases like, “if you don’t use it you’ll lose it” and “if you don’t move you’ll rust” are often associated with staying in shape but are also true for keeping your career in shape.

Especially If you have been laid off, now is a great time stay forward-thinking and keep your skills sharp with seminars, new training, or taking advantage of the educational incentives available to some through the government.

So, don’t stop thinking about tomorrow. Don’t stop, it’ll soon be here. It’ll be here better than before, yesterdays gone, yesterday’s gone………

Shine On -

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