Does You Job Search Need a Little Lean Management?

 Refreshed after a long, fun weekend I am hoping job seekers will jump back on the band wagon and recommit to working daily on their job search. If what you are doing isn’t working…change what you are doing.

Einstein’s definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

I’ve been focusing on this quote for the last few weeks as I work to improve my efficiency while expanding my customer service. I am trying to take notice of how I do things, in what order and what the results are. If certain processes or routines are taking too much time, I am working to rearrange things to improve my performance.

Working on so many resumes involving quality, six sigma, lean management etc. must be wearing off on me. Focusing on the processes in my own bGearsusiness will free up time to write more resumes, take on additional coaching clients, write more articles, work on my marketing, or just give me a little extra free time. The same holds true with job seekers.

If you’ve been spending an hour a day on the same 3 job boards with little or no results…you need to change things up a bit. Check out new sites. Check into different industries or fields. Maybe join a few new networking groups, speaking groups, economic clubs, industry association groups, or other professional groups that meet in your area.

Or try something a little more social. Google your town or read the newspaper to find out what is happening in your town that will help you meet new contacts. It could be job fairs, chamber or school board meetings, volunteer projects, Friday night music in the park, or church activities. Be creative, positive, curious and bold, and try something new! See what works and what doesn’t.

Track your time and actions for a week. How repetitive are your actions? What are the results? By being more organized with your time you can be more productive in your job search and learn what is working and what isn’t. Try a little lean management to get your job search revved up and to find ways to spend your time more wisely.

Shine On!

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