Benefits of a Job Search Partner

It’s been a few days since I’ve updated my post. Had a wonderful weekend starting with an inspiring Meeting of the Minds meeting with local colleagues. It was a beautiful day, full of stories, resources and new ideas to share and swap. Our meetings always are full of support too. Working as a resume writer/career coach most of my time is spent working alone and so the support of fellow writers is a truly a gift.

When working through a job search it can feel lonely. You are trying to understand all that is involved in a job search; new technology, new resources, and new opportunities for you to comprehend. It can be difficult to go through it alone. My advice to you is to find a partner. Especially now, it is easy to find others also looking for work.

A partner to share in understanding the job search process, and frustration and fear, can also help to you stay motivated and to keep both partners moving forward. Find someone to move forward with, it doesn’t have to be someone in the same field or even industry, just someone working through the process like you.

Two job seekers to conduct research are better than one and you can learn the in’s-n-out’s of searching online and in person for jobs, research, networking, job boards and more to find success more quickly!

Share – Support and Shine On Job Seekers!

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