Age Old Resume Question ... 1 Page or 2?

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Question: Should a resume be one page or two?

Answer: It depends….its true! The so called rule of all resumes must be one page just isn’t true. With people changing jobs more frequently and achieving more goals, a resume should sometimes be two pages. I usually tell clients, if your background warrants a two page resume than we should oblige.

A few things to consider in determining this are the number of jobs, amount of experience, and type of positions you’ve had during your career. New graduates usually have just one page, but I’ve written two page resumes for new graduates with a tremendous amount of achievements during their college career; organization and volunteer involvement, internships, related work, relevant projects completed in school and other factors. Again, no cut and dry answer here.

Another thing to remember is that the first page, no matter how much experience or how long the resume, should have attention grabbing information in the top section of the first page. Included should be the title or heading of the job, the skills expected and related to the position, summary, or related highlights or achievements should be in the first area for impact and appeal.

If you’ve worked one job, that has been the same, such as an electrician or phlebotomist for several  years; we can probably use one page. Each case is different and I try not to use any specific rules on this question. I would say though, that you have at least a half page of content for the second page.

Lastly, some ask if they can extend their resume to three pages. I usually like to stick with two pages because a three page resume seems really long and probably won’t get read all the way through. Exceptions do occur with certain industries and fields, but for most job seekers two pages is sufficient.

So, when writing your resume, make sure the content stands out and grabs the reader’s attention whether it is one or two pages. It is the content that will keep readers interested, not the length of the document.

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