A Positive Monday Sets the Bar for the Week

The way I start out my blog week, professional week, and personal week is with gratitude and a positive attitude. It can be hard to do and even takes practice and a lot of determination but it is worth it. It really helps direct my week and makes it much more productive.

Here’s what I know and focus on. Today I am thankful my family is healthy, new clients continue to call for my help every day, that I am able to help new clients every day work on their professional goals that help their personal and professional life flourish, and I will see most of my family at my niece's wedding next week.

When areas of my life aren’t going so well – and there usually are areas that aren’t, I focus on the things that are going well and ask God to take care of the rest. It keeps me sane and helps me to stay productive so that I am able to take care of the things I can and live, for the most part, a happy life.

I hope that you are able to stay focused on your career goals and stay positive during your job search. As I know I’ve said before, confidence and a positive attitude is heard on the phone as well as seen in person. Make sure you exude both when talking to recruiters, hiring managers and potential contacts. If you don’t believe you – neither will they.

So – focus your thoughts on the positive things you know about yourself. Focus on things like, your value, your past contributions, your work ethics, your educational background, your experience, your achievements and your uniqueness. Shine bright so others will see what you have to offer – attract attention with your positive potential and watch how good things and opportunities are attracted to you. Have a great Monday and week job seekers!

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