5 Must Have Tools in Your Job Search Arsenol

Resumes and Cover Letters - that are current, concise, and targeted to a specific position not a hodge-podge of experience from the past 10 or 20 years. Target 5-10 companies and customize each resume and cover letter you send out for your biggest bang. Find actual contact names and addresses for each cover letter and make sure the resume is in line with each company’s expectations.

Recommendations – Get permission from each referral on your list – every time you look for a job. Remind them of achievements you would like shared when they are called for a referral. If you have recommendation letters make copies and keep the originals at home so they do not get worn or damaged and can be used as a master copy. And don’t forget the Thank You letter!

Computer – Job seekers need to be able to be contacted and be able to contact others during their job search. You must know how to send and receive emails, open attachments, send attachments, search the web, and post your resume online. If you do not know how to do some of this – go to the library, take a class, get a book or ask someone for assistance. There are just no options here. If you are not comfortable on the computer start playing around on it. You won’t break it – make it your friend!

Networking Cards/Contact Cards – While networking, attending social groups, associations or just going to the car wash or gas station you need to be prepared for any opportunity. Instead of using a business card from your previous employment, invest in a set of networking cards. Include your contact information such as your name, address, phone, and email address. You can also include a website address, blog address, or a LinkedIn profile or VisualCV URL. Some job seekers have even included a set up Career Highlights on the back of the card that showcase their unique strengths.

A Right Attitude! - The best resume in the world is not going to get you an awesome job or even the interview you deserve if your attitude is in need of a serious adjustment. Make sure you are grateful and positive, helpful and aggressive during your search. Don’t let yourself get too down, it will be noticed and could be a deciding factor – or deal breaker. Stay motivated by helping others, sharing knowledge and moving forward.

Once you’ve got everything in place, you are ready to aggressively pursue your ideal job with confidence. Use your tools to garner leads, contacts, new friends and interviews and enjoy the journey!

Shine On!!

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